Coburg Loop Path

The City of Coburg received a grant from the State of Oregon Transportation & Growth Management Program in 2008 to develop a strategy for the creation of a hard surfaced bicycle and pedestrian path that will connect key areas in town in a loop system.

The strategy was developed between January 2008 and June 2009. The path will enhance the livability of Coburg by providing a car-free mobility option and greatly enhance the safety for those walking and bicycling by creating connections between Coburg’s neighborhoods, downtown, parks, school, and employment areas. Learn about the project here:


The first segment of the Coburg Loop was completed July 2013 and is located along the westside of South Coburg Industrial Way (along the eastside of Muddy Creek Irrigation Channel near Truck N' Travel).  This project was funded by the State of Oregon as part of the Coburg/I-5 Interchange Improvement Project.

The next segment is being built along the westside of North Coburg Industrial Way and will turn west, crossing Muddy Creek and connect to Moody Park and the residential streets of Sarah Lane and Shane Court. This segment is scheduled to be built in 2016.  It was funded with Federal funds through the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization. A local match of 10.27% is being met through a land donation by adjacent property owners.

The third segment is tentatively designed at the northwest section of town, beginning at the intersection of Coburg Rd./Van Duyn Rd./N Coburg Rd./S Bottom Lp. and will provide bike and pedestrian crossing improvements as well as a path that heads south and east along the existing bioswale; a popular walking route.  The end of this segment of the path will be at the intersection of Water Street and Bruce Way.  A three-car parking lot and picnic table will be located at this point, serving as a trailhead.  This project is being funded through the Oregon State "Enhancement" funds.  A local match of 10.27% is being met through a land donation and Parks Systems Development Charges funds.