Historic Preservation

Coburg was founded in 1847 by Jacob C. Spores and John Diamond near a native Kalapuya community.  It has a long, well-preserved history in the southern Willamette Valley.  Historic Preservation is a City program that was revived in 2012 and became a Certified Local Government  Certified Local Governmentsthat share responsibility for the stewardship of historic and architecturally significant properties within the City.  This page provides information about Coburg's  history and historic properties and provides assitance through the Heritage Committee.

Coburg History (PDF); a brief chronology

NextExit History App and Interactive Walking Tour

In April 2016, the City completed a project in partnership with Next Exit History to create a coburg Historic Walking tour in one of thier exciting apps! Now you can NextExit History app and see what sort of historic buildings and places are near your home. NextExit History can help you learn about our local history. See Coburg Homes here NextExit History.

  • Heritage Committee
  • Design review for designated historic buildings


Walking Tour of Homes in Coburg

The National Historic District of Coburg boasts of over 20 "historic homes", exhibiting a variety of architectural styles common in the late 1800's. Admire the charming verandas on the Carpenter Gothic homes or the quiet simplicity of the numerous cottages and bungalows. Step into the past and discover historic Coburg!

Enjoy the history and beauty of this charming community while taking a self-guided Tour of the Historic Homes. A brochure with home description and locations may be picked up at the Coburg City Hall.

A - William Van Duyn House (91108 N. Willamette)
B - 100F Hall (91119 N. Willamette)
C - Grange Hall (32663 E. Mill)
D - Allingham House (91163 N. Willamette)
E - J.C. Goodale - E.M. Jarnigan House
      (91177 N. Willamette)
F - Bartholemew House (32666 E. Locust)
G - Drury House (91157 N. Diamond)
H - Diamond House (91143 N. Diamond)
I - Goodman House (91131 N. Diamond)
J - Smith House (32677 E. McKenzie)

K - Samuel Matthews House (32702 E. Pearl)
L - Pollard House (91032 S. Willamette)
M - Healy House (91020 S. Willamette)
N - Hullin House (32713 E. Dixon)
O - Green House (90972 S. Coleman)
P - Anderson House (32801 E. Maple)
Q - Chandler House (32752 E, Dixon)
R - Brockway House (91129 N. Miller)
S - Wilkins-Seary-Wassom House (91212 N. Miller)
T - Clark-Moser House (32756 E. Mill)